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Coloring Fog: How To (And Not To) Do It

One question that I’ve always been asked by people new to fog machines is if it’s possible to add color to the ordinarily white fog produced by a fog machine. Yes! It is possible and the answer is much more obvious than you may think:

The only way to effectively add color to fog is to (drumroll) shine colored lights on it!

If you use food coloring, easter egg dye, Rit clothing dye or any other liquid coloring agent in your fog machine, not only will it not have any effect on the color of the fog coming out of the machine but you very likely cause permanent damage to your fog machine. Worse yet, when those chemicals are heated, you may end up inadvertently generating poisonous vapor clouds! For the safest operation, never use anything other than commercial fog fluid or distilled water in your fog machine. Top Review Zone posted detailed guide about fog machines on their website.

Colored light is the only safe way to color your fog. With literally hundreds of colors of gel available, all it will take to add rich beautifully saturated color to fog is to get a few PAR cans with your choice of gel. You’ll probably need to experiment with placement of the lights to get the best effect, but the results are well worth the trouble.…