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Coloring Fog: How To (And Not To) Do It

One question that I’ve always been asked by people new to fog machines is if it’s possible to add color to the ordinarily white fog produced by a fog machine. Yes! It is possible and the answer is much more obvious than you may think:

The only way to effectively add color to fog is to (drumroll) shine colored lights on it!

If you use food coloring, easter egg dye, Rit clothing dye or any other liquid coloring agent in your fog machine, not only will it not have any effect on the color of the fog coming out of the machine but you very likely cause permanent damage to your fog machine. Worse yet, when those chemicals are heated, you may end up inadvertently generating poisonous vapor clouds! For the safest operation, never use anything other than commercial fog fluid or distilled water in your fog machine. Top Review Zone posted detailed guide about fog machines on their website.

Colored light is the only safe way to color your fog. With literally hundreds of colors of gel available, all it will take to add rich beautifully saturated color to fog is to get a few PAR cans with your choice of gel. You’ll probably need to experiment with placement of the lights to get the best effect, but the results are well worth the trouble.…

Important Tips for Using a Guitar Pick Properly

The guitar pick is one of the most important tools you can have as a guitarist. The guitar pick is also called the plectrum and there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Of course you can use your fingers to strum your guitar but playing with a pick will produce a much brighter sound.

Type of Guitar Pick You Should Use

The type of guitar pick you should choose to use totally depends on your preference. You can find guitar picks in thin, medium and thick gauges. The gauge that is mostly recommended for beginner guitarists is the medium pick because it makes it easier to strum chords.

The picks that produce the best guitar tone are the thick gauges. However, thick gauges are only recommended for experience players. Thin guitar picks don’t have much resistance when they move across the strings, making them great for strumming chords.

Most experienced guitarists avoid thin picks because they bend to easily and aren’t very accurate. At the end of the day you are going to have to do a little experimenting with different pick sizes and styles until you find what you are most comfortable with.

Important Tips for Using a Guitar Pick Properly

Holding The Pick Properly

You have to know how to hold the guitar pick properly if you want to use it at it’s full capability. Position the pick on your index finger and allow the little tip of the pick to point away from your palm.

Now grip the pick with your thumb making sure to grip it as close to the tip of the pick as possible so just a quarter of it is showing. When you hold the pick too far away from the tip it will allow the guitar pick to easily fly out your possession while playing.

Gripping the pick as close to the tip as possible will allow you to relax more since you won’t have to use too much force when picking the strings. To help you get familiar about where to place your thumb and index finger you can get a pick that has groves or holes that indicate where you need to place your fingers for ultimate control and playability. Once you can hold the pick and only let a very small area of the pick hit the strings you will be able to produce crisper sounds without having to worry about the pick flying out your hand.

Striking the Strings

The way you strike the guitar strings with your pick is very important. In order to pick the guitar strings properly with the pick you’ll need to keep your strumming arm as relaxed and tension free as possible.

The biggest mistake a lot of guitarist make when using the pick is that they apply too much force when strumming the strings. You don’t need too much force when you are strumming the strings with a pick so don’t try to over do it.

You also want to hit the strings at a certain angle when you’re using a pick. Probably the biggest mistake beginners make when using a guitar pick is that they strum too flat against the strings. You need to strike the strings at a certain angle so the strings sound off properly.

The perfect angle to strike guitar strings is at a 45 degree angle so you don’t have to move your pick too much to hit the following string. When you hold the pick at a flat angle it will produce a soft sound that has no kind of sharpness to it. When you hold the pick at the right angle it will produce a nicer sound than your finger could ever do.


You will never get comfortable at using guitar picks if you don’t practice with them. One of the best ways to practice and develop your skills with using picks is use alternate picking. With the alternate picking exercise you will have to strum the sixth string in a downward motion and then strum the sixth string in an upwards motion.

You can do the same exercise with the fifth, fourth, third, second, and first strings in a downward and upward motion. Practicing exercises like alternate picking using your guitar pick is a great way to learn how to use it properly.


When you first use the guitar pick it will feel a little awkward at first but with due diligence you will get the hang of it. Pay close attention to the rhythm you’re playing with when picking your strings. Make sure everything sounds fluent and not rushed.…

How To Record Your Guitar – Steps You Need To Take

For a lot of guitarists recording guitars is one of the best things they like to do. If you want to record your guitar you need to know the sound will vary depending on factors like the kind of guitar, the player, the amplifier, and recording methods utilized. Check out some great tips to help you consistently record your guitar with great results.

Prepare Yourself

When you’re ready to start recording you need to make sure you prepare yourself properly. Make sure you have all the equipment you need like guitars, new strings (make sure they fit properly), new tubes, and any other necessary gear.

Make sure you thoroughly check your intonation and tuning. If you want to get the best tone possible during recording don’t wait to the last minute. Double check your tuning before each take so you don’t find yourself in the mix trying to fix any tonal issues.

How To Record Your Guitar – Steps You Need To Take

Setup Your Amp and Mic

You need an amp and Microphone for your home recording. For the microphone you can get the Shure SM7. It will be up to you if you want to use a condenser mic or a single dynamic mic. The condenser mics are known for recording clearer sounds.

For the amp you can try out the Shure SM57. First plug into your amp and then position your mic in the middle between the speaker and yourself. You can experiment a little to see if you like the mic closer or further away from you.

How close or how far the mic is from you will dramatically affect the sound. Make sure your mic is plugged into an input on your audio interface. Use your recording software to pick what input you are going to use to give your mic a signal. Now just ready the track to record and start recording your guitar sounds.

Adjust the Gain on the Amp

If you don’t adjust the gain on the amp it could cause the recording sounds of your guitar to sound too light in the mix. You must achieve the best gain so you can get good recordings and avoid distortions. Use reverb to add more flare during the mixdown. If you are going to add a stereo reverb during recording you will need a couple tracks.

Use Compression

You should definitely make use of compression because it can make the tone of the instrument sound more even. Try implementing EQ after compression to get cleaner sounds. If you want a more laid back sound you can add the EQ before the compression.

DI Feed

Use a high input DI box to record a DI feed on a spare track. Recording a clean DI track with the amps will allow you to reprocess it later on. So if you aren’t really feeling the original sound you can play the track back using unique guitar effects. You can even use both the original and the reprocessed sounds to produce an original stereo effect.…

Cheap Guitar Lessons That Will Teach You Step By Step How To Start Playing Songs on Your Guitar Like Your Favorite Guitar Player Fast

Learning to play the guitar can be a tough thing to do especially when you don’t even know where to begin or you don’t have a clue about what you need to learn next to get better. Most beginner guitarists quickly learn things like the basic chords but get stuck and don’t know what to do next when it comes to learning more advanced techniques like moving their fingers from one chord to the next. You can easily get frustrated and lose hope when you practice as often as you can and still feel like you’re not improving or making any progress.

Back when I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar I had to teach myself how to play since I couldn’t afford a guitar instructor. I looked through numerous books and DVDs for help but they didn’t really make much sense to me and they didn’t help me enough to start actually playing as good as I wanted.

Cheap Guitar Lessons That Will Teach You Step By Step How To Start Playing Songs on Your Guitar Like Your Favorite Guitar Player Fast

Trying to learn from all these different sources only made me more confused despite all the practicing I was doing everyday. I just wanted to completely give up at one point, but thankfully I stuck with it. Now years later in this industry I’ve gained plenty of experience and some great memories playing with my band.

You’re probably like me and want to become a professional guitarist so you can experience playing in a band. Or maybe you see playing the guitar as a fun hobby and you want to be able to play your favorite songs just as good as your favorite guitarist so you can entertain your family and friends. Whatever your reason, the joy of playing the guitar and sharing music with your family, friends, or even total strangers will give you a satisfying feeling.

After being continually asked to do this review for a few months by some of my regular subscribers we decided to strip down 14 of the most affordable guitar lessons online and see which one really worked. The truth is, most of them were totally worthless. Infact, only 2 contained a real solid system that’ll teach you how to play the guitar step by step at a low cost while in the comfort of your home.

The only downside to the Jamorama course is that most of our users found that the website contained so much information and special offers that it can make it a little difficult to navigate. If you try to take in the entire course at one time you can easily fall victim to information overload.

The Benefits:

    • The beginner’s book – teaches you the basic skills very quickly, and you can start playing the guitar in almost no time. It covers every thinkable aspect of guitar playing.
  •  Lessons and Videos are graded into a structured learning plan for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so you can progress at your own pace
  • Email consultation – This is great for getting help tailored to your specific playing style. Forget paying for expensive personal guitar lessons.
  • Lifetime updates – The course is constantly being updated and new features, videos and eBooks are added frequently.
  • 60 Day Iron Clad Money Back Guaranteed: This is a great risk free protection, because it’s either your satisfied with how Jamorama Improved your guitar playing skills or you get a full refund no questions asked.

If you are looking for an affordable beginners guitar lessons that will get you started in the right direction we think you will be happy with what Jamorama has to offer. You will also get some pretty awesome bonuses along with the Jamorama system. Since the key to learning to play the guitar is to practice it will ultimately be up to you. The course will give you the knowledge and the tools, but it’s up to you to use them.…

Beginner Guitar Lessons Online – Make Your Dreams Come True

You should know that beginner guitar lessons on the web are definitely the new way to learn to play guitar in this modern world. Not only can you learn to play the guitar at a very affordable one- time cost, you get to learn from international guitarists who have had years of experience in the industry. They teach guitar using the best techniques which means you will learn and master guitar within a short time.

This is highly exciting as these advantages which online lessons offer have never been available to many of us in conventional music classes. All you require is a good guitar, have the want to play the guitar like a professional and you’ll learn to play quickly.

These kind of beginner guitar lessons on the web comprise of different teaching styles, all with the prime intention of making you a proficient guitarist. The lessons are comprehensive and delivered through interactive videos which means not only can you watch and hear; you’ll be shown clearly how you may play great guitar songs making use of methods known only to guitar experts. Online beginners guitar lessons are not limited to a particular genre of music, making them a flexible form of learning.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Online – Make Your Dreams Come True

You’ll discover to learn how to play any style of music, be it rock, Latin, slow pop, reggae, fusion, folk, country, metal, jazz, classical. Just name it and you will get it all here! You will learn the same techniques as someone who attended a conventional class, but only you get a more refined, modernized approach to playing the guitar.

When it comes to online beginner guitar lessons there are more than a few different difficulty levels. The first lesson is the guitar itself: Understand it, know every part and master the art of handling it. After familiarizing yourself with the guitar, you will then learn how to read musical notes. This is definitely very critical due to the fact that they’re what guitarists make use of to play music they’ve never heard or played before.

Once you have mastered this, you will be taught how to play the guitar using the notes provided. If you keep up with the beginners guitar lessons regularly – and you will because the fun is too much to miss, you will soon find yourself able to play music from memory.

There definitely other benefits of making use of beginner guitar lessons on the internet. There is a very extensive library that includes videos explaining and showing you how to tackle the most difficult of licks and combos without losing track. And with twenty-four hours, seven days a week access to these lessons, you will have all the tools required to master the guitar. Your learning curve can speed up incredibly and you’ll soon be amazed at the ease with which you play songs quicker than they were recorded.

You’ll certainly be amazed by the cheap one time price for beginner guitar lessons on the web. In addition, there are no weekly or hourly charges for the lessons like in conventional guitar classes. There is only a one-off payment that gives you a wealth of knowledge of a life-time!…

The Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners Guide – 3 Easy Steps On How To Learn Guitar Online

Looking For Guitar Lessons Online?

Are you a person that still gets beginner guitar lessons from the local guitar tutor? As we all know, one-on-one personal beginning guitar lessons can be very expensive, especially if you are a beginner. But now, you can get online guitar lessons for beginners, using certain services to learn all of your guitar needs quickly and easily.


The Internet is full of scams, if you’re not certain where to search it may be hard work to locate a good service to make use of. When using search engines, you will find that there are millions of results. How many of them are actually trustworthy legitimate online beginner guitar lessons sites? Where should you look? Follow some easy rules and I bet you’ll be able to locate a good online guitar lessons for beginners to learn to play the guitar on the web.


You have to keep away from getting beginners guitar lessons from video sharing websites. Although it’s tempting to get online beginner guitar lessons from these sites, a lot of the time the guitar beginner lessons posted on these sites are riddled with bad techniques and advice. It’s very hard to find a decent and legitimate lesson and not only that, it can be complicated to find the ideal lessons for your level of guitar playing. For the price of a second hand guitar, you may join a service that has plenty of quality online guitar lesson advice that you may make use of for your lifetime.

The Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners Guide – 3 Easy Steps On How To Learn Guitar Online


As soon as you’re paying to join an online beginner guitar lessons, there are a number of things you have to keep in mind to make sure that you aren’t being scammed out your money. Mainly, check the service has a decent money back guarantee; the better sites I’ve used have a 60 day money back guarantee. Check that you can pay securely; for example though Pay pal or Click bank. You should also check that the site has some sort of customer service section, if you have problems with the service at all, you’ll be pulling your hair out if this is not included


I would certainly select a website that caters for every level of guitar playing, not just beginner. The best beginner guitar lessons have all kinds of music software on offer, like tuning software, for download at no extra cost. There are more than a few online guitar lessons for beginners out there for learning to play the guitar on the internet, so if you choose a good service, you will be able to learn quickly and instantly.…